Statement- John Rees-Evans ‘Pink news article’

This statement is in response to the Pink News article published this week quoting John Rees-Evans in his Q&A with ‘support for the family’.


Due the the selective miscomprehension of our last statement we wish to make one point unequivocally clear. John Rees-Evans like David Kurten before him are entitled to freedom of speech and conscience within the parameters of the law. As citizens within a democratic society, we also hold the right to not only critique the content but also express if we wish to be represented by such views.


If John Rees-Evans holds religiously motivated objections to Same Sex marriage then we respect his right to act according to his conscience by not marrying someone of the same sex.


By the same libertarian ideology, we expect the mutual respect shown to those of us who wish to enter into a Civil Same Sex marriage. All law abiding citizens should be free to act according their conscience without infringement from those who disagree due to personal religious beliefs.

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